solarcellsDelft Spectral Technologies specializes in photovoltaic R&D equipment. With our extensive expertise in solar cell research, we know what’s important to academic and industrial researchers.

Our systems combine state of the art hardware and software and are based on many years of hands on experience and thorough testing. With our systems, your organization can improve its output, speed up and streamline its processes and set up creative new experiments.

Fourier Optical Measurement System

The Fourier Optical Measurement System (FOMS) is a tool for assessing the spectral characteristics of solar cells and (solar cell) materials. Its unique advantage is the extremely high measurement speed (1 second), combined with top notch accuracy and repeatability. Learn more or contact us to discuss how FOMS can benefit your organization.

Corona CS

With the Corona CS, you can inject positive or negative charges into your material. This allows you to accurately evaluate the fixed charge density in your material, which is a key aspect of mitigating electrical losses in solar cells. With the Corona CS, you will be able to improve your solar cell design process and improve the reliability of your simulations. Learn more or contact us to discuss the Corona CS with us.