Delft Spectral Technologies is a high-tech spin-off company, originating from Delft University of Technology. The team members have a background in the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group, led by professor Miro Zeman. A wide range of topics related to PV are researched in this group, with specializations in thin-film devices and novel concepts. The Fourier Optical Measurement System was conceived during the research performed in this group. The existing EQE systems were holding back the research output of the group, because they were too slow and inflexible. We set out to solve this problem and in doing so, we found out that others were experiencing the same. Delft Spectral Technologies is now committed to improving photovoltaic research worldwide.

The team consists of 4 experienced professionals with a solid background in R&D and business. We have thorough experience building experimental setups with the highest requirements with respect to accuracy, stability and repeatability. Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your organisation.

Stefaan Heirman is a versatile technician with 15 years of work experience. In his numerous techical roles he has gained extensive experience in building technical measurement setups and high-precision certified calibration tools. During his work with opto-electrical measurement tools he came up with the idea for the FOMS. Now he is responsible for the development of the optical and mechanical design of FOMS.
Dr. Jimmy Melskens is an expert in the field of photovoltaic research. Having worked on cutting-edge R&D projects, he has experience with a wide range of characterisation tools. As such, he immediately recognized the potential that FOMS has. Jimmy has helped build a PV-startup in Australia and is responsible for the business side of Delft Spectral Technologies, as well as the overal technical direction.
Marc Schouten has a varied background in sustainability and technology. He has a BSc in applied physics and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology. Marc has prior startup experience and has a solid grasp of both technical and business concepts. He is responsible for the business side of Delft Spectral Technologies.
Remko Koornneef is an experience technician with extensive expertise in the field of electronics and embedded software design. Previously he has worked for 10 years on the maintenance and development of various types of electronic medical equipment. In addition, he served for 4 years as a technician at the Reactor Institute Delft where he was responsible for the construction of various electronic measurement systems, both in terms of hardware and software. He is responsible for the design of the electronics and software for FOMS.